Programs and actions around the world

France, USA and South Africa have developed education programs that are reaching out children and teenagers in a school environment. These programs have been proven that prevention work can help reduce drastically the number of kids trying the choking game, avoiding the long term consequences and even death. At these programs, kids are exposed and educated about the importance of breathing and the mechanics behind the respiratory system. The outline of these programs is focused on a clear kid-oriented explanation, free of fantasies around the practice.

Association de Parents d' Enfants Accidentés par Strangulation

Erik’s Cause

GASP África do Sul


What can be done - Parents and Educators

• Talk to your child. Learn about his/her life, his/her habits, routines, friendships and especially the way (s)he likes to have fun. In case you notice an alarming change of behavior, don't hesitate in calling for help: a guidance counselor or a heath professional can be of great support.

• Build a place of trust. When home is a safe place, children and teens are more likely to share what's happening at school or among friends. If your child ever comes home talking about the choking game or any other pass out challenge, educate him/her on the dangerous consequences of the practice.

• Encourage healthy alternatives for teens who enjoy thrill-seeking activities. There are many safe sports and other activities that can provide a healthy orientation for the typical "risky" behavior of a teenager.



The building of human values

• Demand a social competence program to be delivered at your school district. These programs can build, since an early age, a stronger sense of self through the understanding of feelings, emotions and social appropriate behavior.

• Choices and responsibilities can be made since early development, if the child is aware of the others' feelings, through empathy and citizenship.

• Self realization and the challenges of the virtual world. Be aware of the demands of the social networks in order to guide your child through the virtual maze and so many of its dangerous slopes.



Internet: a villain

It is fundamental that government play a role in bringing awareness and education about internet usage and influence on children and teenager's behavior. The fast and powerful way information can be disseminated through the internet must be understood and informed. There are in USA and Brazil hundreds of thousands of videos been produced and played in a "how to" format, where pass out challenges can easily accessed and replicated. Is is vital that parents and educators unite forces to combat the propagation of online challenges and games that are deadly to children and teenagers.

Nethics Educação Digital  is a not-for-profit company that provides education programs in how to safely access the internet. These programs are made for parents, educators and also for children and teenagers. Its main goal is to support the building of a healthy relationship with the world of online information and communication. .