The DimiCuida Institute was born after a 16 year old lose his life practicing the fainting game . To preserve the lives of other young people , the Institute conducts research studies and maintains a permanent exchange of information with other entities in the world.


Keep the flame of the legacy of a young man , acting in their dreams , their practices and valuing life.


The DimiCuida Institute works, as one of its fronts, the prevention of the choking game:

1. Research and studies involving qualified professionals directly connected to the areas of health, education and security;

2. Exchange of information and experiences with entities fighting the choking game around the world;

3. Prevention seminars and educational programs designed for educators, health workers and also parents;

4. Prevention program designed for children and adolescents;

5. Bringing support and clarifying information to families that lived through similar situations.



Awareness and mobilization of society to care for abandoned animals, promoting their protection and rescue.

The DimiCuida Institute supports VIPA Group on rescuing abandoned animals!

VIPA Group – Independent Volunteers for the Protection of Animals is a union formed to help animals in need living under critical street situation.

Besides the core goal of saving animals’ lives, the group also seeks to:

– Bring awareness to citizen’s responsibility with the care of animals;

– Alert and combat abandonment and aggression, which are considered criminal acts by law, in addition go being repugnant and inhumane;

– Fight in defense of animal’s rights;

– Obtain support and partnerships with animal clinics, ongs and individual protectors.


To promote the development of execution of actions to form qualified professionals to work in the area of eco-tourism.





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